Country: Uganda
Sector of activity: Agro-food
Status: Capital investment
Associed fund: I&P Développement, Inua Capital
Entrepreneur: Angella Nabweteme, Hilary Bainemigisha
In portfolio since: 2024

Forna Health Foods is a female-founded and female-led social business that manufactures Aunt Porridge and Instapo!, healthy, nutritious (and delicious!) porridges that are targeted at helping weaning infants, children, breastfeeding mothers, immune-compromised patients (and even the entire family) access essential nutrition to thrive when they need it the most! 

Forna Health Foods are the makers of Aunt Porridge and its instant porridge version (Instapo!) – this essential breakfast staple and its 10+ ingredients are all-natural (no added preservatives), homegrown in Uganda (providing a market for 1,000s of smallholder Ugandan farmers) and are jam-packed with protein, vitamins and fibre (unlike single grain porridges made from millet or maize) to boost infant and child nutrition.


Partnership with Inua Capital

Inua Impact Fund has invested equity and mezzanine financing into Forna Health Foods to scale its reach nationwide and expand its ability to source farm produce from smallholder farmers across Uganda. 

Together with Inua Capital, Forna Health Foods will scale its product reach across the country and beyond, increase and improve its product offerings, further mechanize its production processes and make an indelible imprint on the health and nutrition of Africa’s children and families for years to come!