Country: Senegal
Sector of activity: Education & Training
Status: Seed funding
Associed fund: I&P Education et emploi
Entrepreneur: Ndèye Sokhna DIENG
In portfolio since: 2023

IASS MDB is a private vocational training school specializing in the field of health, which awards state diplomas enabling students to work in both private and public facilities. Its aim is to fill the gap in the number of health professionals in Senegal.

 In 2023, the school has more than 500 students on its 3 campuses (Dakar, Louga, Touba)

The Entrepeneur 

NdèyeSokhna DIENG, the eldest daughter of the founder has taken over the management of the school as the CEO.

Graduated in Business Administration, she has made her entire professional career within the school by occupying successively from 2001 to 2021 the position of secretary, cashier, accounting assistant, accountant, administrative and financial direct

Partnership with WITH I&P

IASS MDB is supported by I&P through the Mastercard Foundation Covid-19 Recovery and Resilience Program (CRRP).

Expected impacts

  • Improve the quality of education with the rehabilitation of the Dakar annex campus, the installation of Dakar’s library, and the upgrading of practical room equipment 
  • Upgrade the digitalization through the Installation of an ERP platform at Louga and Touba campus and the upgrading of connectivity in Louga and Touba Campus
  • Provide technical Assistance for upgrading  carrier service
  • Install Infirmary at Louga and Touba / upgrade of Dakar campus infirmary, and improve student health and safety 
  • Provide Scholarship program for 15 young Mame Diarra students at the Touba Campus