Date: 28/06/2024
Theme: Vie d'I&P


In partnership with 60 Décibels, the program I&P Education to Employement (IP2E), pioneering impact financing program launched in 2021 that aims to improve access to quality education and strengthen the training-employment match in Africa, has implemented « lean data » survey to monitor and improve the impact measurement from partner companies.

The surveys capture the impact of institutions on their alumni, with cohorts from 5 years until their entry in the IP2E program. Those data were essential to help the companies better understand their role in their alumni professional pathways. They oriented the implementation of strategies, supported by IP2E, to enhance their impact on their current students.


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Koumba Anouma

I&P Education to Employement, Director


Investing in the Future: The Impact of Private Educational companies on Youth Employability in Africa

"By 2030, 30 million young people will annually step into the African job market. The lack or inadequacy of data on professional insertion is a barrier to effective decision-making and strategic planning. Understanding the career paths undertaken by these young people provides education decision-makers with insights to define policies that promote employability, encourage entrepreneurship, and contribute to sustainable economic growth."

Since its launch in 2021, the I&P Education to Employment program has played a key role in providing funding and technical support to private higher education institutions, vocational training centers. Given current demographic and economic pressures, private education companies are emerging as a complementary alternative to public education, offering quality education tailored to the specific needs of today's job market.

This report is a call to action​

(...) Together, we can transcend today's challenges and forge a future where every young African not only has access to meaningful professional opportunities, but where their journey is also understood and taken into account in the ongoing development of our continent.​"


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